3D Printing CenterNov 25, 2022

NematX launches the high-precision 3D printer NEX 01

NematX – a Swiss manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, develops 3D printing technology of liquid crystal polymers (LCP). At this year’s Formnext 2022, the Swiss startup presented its latest product – the precise NEX 01 3D printer, which is a comprehensive production solution for end-use products.

The Zurich-based company introduced liquid crystal polymers (LCP) for 3D printing for the first time in 2020, which was awarded in the Formnext Start-up Challenge. By controlling the molecular alignment during the extrusion process, NematX enables the production of parts with excellent mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological properties. In addition, LCP can be processed with much greater precision and speed compared to conventional materials.

The NEX 01 platform has been designed to meet the requirements and needs of industrial companies in demanding markets. NematX uses machine components and motion control systems that meet the highest industry standards. Thanks to its own software for preparing 3D models for printing and proprietary LCP filaments, NematX enables series production of complex technical products of industrial quality.

NEX 01 3D printing platform

Key Features of NEX 01:

    • high accuracy motion control system

    • micron-resolution slicing algorithms

    • precise control of extrusion volume

    • fully integrated process monitoring

    • quick plate change system

    • maximum production throughput

    • fully recyclable and recyclable materials

LCP 3D printed parts

NematX is a pioneering liquid crystal polymer (LCP) company for additive manufacturing. The Swiss startup takes a materials-centric approach by developing and producing LCP materials for additive manufacturing, including customized hardware and software solutions.